Dana Kikic


Hi – my name is Dana. For ten years now, I live in Berlin. Since I arrived, I was looking for something: job, identity, friends and above all, love. Today, I dare say I found it all. That is more then enough to pop a bottle. Or a blog! I dedicate this one to all who are still looking for something and believe in happy endings.

Germans thought me many things, one of them was:

“Es wird alles gut am Ende, wenn es nicht gut wird, ist es noch nicht das Ende

Serbies = Serbia + Rabies (Rabies is one of my all time fave Serbian novels, if you haven´t read it until, do so. An apocalyptic SF vision written in Serbia in the eighties, it precedes its own time and reverbs 21st century fears –  follow this link to find out more). In Serbian we only slightly differ between Rabies (Besnilo) and Rage (Bes). My rage is turned towards injustice, insensibilty, lack of empathy, lack of tolerance, neglect, invisibility, ignorance, barbarism. I consider myself an apocalyptic idealist.



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