Max Giesinger_(c)Klaus Sahm
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German Pop and Gender Issues

Featured Image: Max Giesinger_(c)Klaus Sahm My kids grew up and developed their music taste from Backe Backe Kuchen to Ich bin keine Maschine, a german pop ear worm playing on repeat in my daughter´s bedroom. This would be kind of…

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Quick & Easy DIY: Child´s Beanie

My daughter loses at least one valuable thing per month, then she cries crocodile tears. In winter this is usually a beanie. God knows how many of her beanies are living a second life in the hands of other people…

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Trick or Treat!

There is something profoundly cool in laughing out at death – so turn the Danse Macabre into a children´s treat! Here is some ad hoc inspiration for the last minute decoration and not so last minute costumes.

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Venice With Kids

Dear Mother Travellers – my kindred spirits, my fellow sufferers – dear friends! If you are hungry like me for sightseeing, city hopping, cultural discovery or just to feel free, if you have spent last seven years being pregnant, breast…

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