As every knitter sooner or later will, I got addicted to the icelandic knitting! Icelandic Lopapeysa is just sooo irresistible with its multitude of design possibilities, richness of colours, simplicity of execution and that lovely grunge look icelandic wool gives it, I can only say WHOOOA. But, Knitters, be aware: once this happens, the days will become too short, your wool stack to scarce and your budget too thin to follow all the crazy design ideas popping up in your smart heeeadZ.

I needed to focus. Focus. I have to stay focused, I kept telling myself, after about 200 Pinterest Pins in my DIY canvas. Where should I start: well, the best is with a classic! I strongly believe that in order to bend the rules you first need to learn them, so all the punk knitters out there, here is my first try on the classic Lapopeysa pattern, and then …. I can´t help but thinking that a fully black version, with drop stitches and asymmetric lace design might be my future! Stay tuned, and until then, enjoy this pattern:

Zoe Sweater: size 10 years

Oh yes: two thumbs up for the guy who gave us THIS KNITTING PATTERN SOFTWARE for FREE which I discovered through the lovely I heart Reykjavik blog! Crazy. Hope he will not have a change of heart soon and start charging for patterns. Don´t do that, man! Thanks.

What else to say except I strongly believe that Lopapeysa is THE evidence that Vikings did discover America long before Columbus, since it is based on traditional Greenland patterns that bear amazing similarity to the traditional American patterns, which is definitely going to be my next take on knitting, after I do the grunge thing. Well, at least knit-wise, the future looks bright – so happy 2017 and beyond!

lapopeysa pattern for kids