My daughter loses at least one valuable thing per month, then she cries crocodile tears. In winter this is usually a beanie. God knows how many of her beanies are living a second life in the hands of other people – many of them hand knitted by me. A mom of one is a mom of all. Right?

So, once again I knitted a quick beanie and here is the knitting pattern:

You´ll need:

– 10 mm (US 15) double point needles

Blu Sky Alpacas Bulky Yarn

– big tapestry needle

For age 4-8 cast on 32 st and divide evenly on the needles.

Knit in 1 x 1 rib stitch (1k, 1p) for 8 rows.

Knit in stockinette stitch for ca. 15 cm (6in).

Decrease evenly every 4th st = 24st

Decrease evenly every 3rd st = 16

Decrease evenly every 2nd st = 8 st

Pull together all stitches and close the round.

Add pom pom on the top. My daughter made her first pom pom following the instructions in this video….

children´s beanie knitting pattern

Fitting probe.

clover pom pom kids

Handling the clover pom pom maker.

children´s beanie knitting pattern


Find my other pattern HERE 

XO and merry Christmas!