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“You know what, babes, I won´t eat any meat anymore” said my b-friend some months ago.

“Ah, ok” I answered, continuing to do what I´ve been doing until this shocking announcement. This is not to be taken seriously. I mean: my b-friend eats only meat. And fat cheese, gourmet food full of spices, ham, cheese and tones of butter. He even bakes on butter – something I could not eradicate for the last eight years of our relationship.  It eventually costed me + 7 kg of post- pregnancy weight. I surrendered long time ago and succumbed to the kitchen deliciousness of this world.

“No, actually, from now on, I am vegan!”

“Ooo-o” This is becoming serious, thought I looking at him like he had just lost his mind. Is he now going to join peace corpses and go to fight for a just cause somewhere in Africa? Are we becoming buddhists? Are we going to talk with the trees? Anything could happen from now on. The world as I knew it just turned upside down.

“Ok. Then, we are vegan”. One for all, all for one. I was always a good partner. But never a vegan one.

Since this moment on, our fridge got stacked with soya products in all shapes and fat grades, and some crazy potato and weed based substitutes for salami and cheese. It smelled horrible! And tasted even worse….Not to mention the taste of my first double espresso machiatto with soya milk! Yak! That was a heresy! A big huge heresy against the only God I cherish: the Holy Divinity of Coffee!

But we stayed dedicated and pulled through our first vegan month. Then a second one…I even travelled to Serbia, a belly button of the Balkans, where the only food on the table is the famous cheese pie and grilled minced meat. Didn´t touch it! “No, thank you, I am fasting.” My aunts looked at me frozen to the bones: “Wait a second, are you sick?” Oh no. I am just vegan. Their worry turned into a horror. They lost me for the big strange world.

Back in Germany, after we practiced buying lots of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of strange conserved things, exchanged soya for the cocos and almond milk, and became prolific in wok cooking, this whole vegan thing started to look like fun! At least I was finally aware of what I was eating…something I haven´t done for ages.

So how about a vegan pizza? Here you go:

Get your recipe for the pizza dough HERE, it is delicious. We did not let it stand for two days, still worked perfectly. Add a bit more flour on the fingers, the dough is quite sticky, but very thin and crusty at the end. Niammi! Let your kids roll the dough – huge fun!

vegan pizza sauce

Pizza Sauce:

1 onion
1 clove of garlic
10 fresh cherry tomatoes, cut in quarters
1 package of diced tomatoes
6-8 fresh basil leaves
tomato paste (optional)
salt and pepper

– roast gently onions and garlic in oil
– add fresh tomatoes
– when fresh tomatoes turn browny, add packed tomatoes and spices
– stir regularly while cooking
– season with salt and pepper, mash when done and add tomato paste, if it turns too runny


vegan pizza

Mamas´ and papas´ pizza

vegan pizza

Kids´ pizza with vegan cheese on top

vegan pizza

Merry Advent!