I had loads of super fine super soft Blue Sky Alpacas´ Bulky scrap yarn from my extreme-knitting time (I used to run a small label, that turned into a nice hobby once I got a “real” job), so I put some rests on the table and asked my daughter to choose her favourite colours (you can nudge a bit, by telling her which colours would fit, or which one you have in abundance…). I then put this small project together, and in the morning she had a unique, gorgeous high fashion hat made in no-time out of scrap yarn!

Sizing: Measure your kid´s head. If you are knitting a gift, here is an approx. table.

Tip: I measure the head and calculate the number of stitches I would need to cast-on. Then I take 2 sizes smaller needles to cast-on and knit the first two raws – this is going to add elasticity and keep the hat in place on the forehead. If you do not have smaller needles, cast-on 20% of the stitches less, then add up after the raw 3. How does this work: let´s say your gauge is 8st in 10cm (4in) = approx. 2st/in with 10mm (US15) needles. This means, for a 50cm head (school child), you need to cast-on 8 x 5 = 40st. 20% (40) = 32st. Cast-on 32st, then add 8st after the 3rd raw: *k8 M1, repeat till the end of that raw. 4th raw: *k9 M1 repeat till the end.

Kids will love this colourful hat!

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My daughter loves this beanie - she enjoyed choosing the colours.


cast-on 40st (double-pointed needles size 8mm (US11))
k first raw – close the round
k for 15raws – change colours as you knit
raw16: *k3 k2tog, repeat from * till the end
raw17: *k2 k2tog, repeat from * till the end
raw18: *k1 k2tog, repeat from * till the end
raw19: *k2tog, repeat from * till the end
cut the thread at the approx. 10cm (4in) distance.
weave in the ends.

Alternatively: Make a colourful pom pom and attach firmly to the top.

Have fun!