Here is a super cute, quick and easy DIY project for kids for a long autumn weekend! We made our own animal farm out of collected chestnut: two giraffes, one dog and one centipede. Aren´t they lovely?

diy for children, chestnut diy

October is the best months for this project – you´ll need some fallen chestnuts and there are plenty of them lying around – we had loads of fun collecting them with kids.

DIY-kids (1 of 1)-19

You´ll need a hand wrench, a permanent marker, a child scissors, some toothpicks and a pack of thumbtacks

DIY-kastanien (1 of 1)-12
This is the tricky part….
diy for kids - chestnut animals
….you need to bore the wholes so that the animal can stand steady on its feet….
chestnut animals diy
The rest can be down even by the small hands!
DIY-kastanien (1 of 1)-5
You can make many different forms – even monsters out of chestnut!
chestnut animals diy for kids
It´s all up to your imagination – HAVE FUN!