If you are looking for a quick and tasty chocolate cake for your kid´s birthday, here is the best ever recipe I stumbled upon: Der beste Schockokuchen der Welt ! Indeed, it is!

It is extremely quick to make and very tasty. The whole point is to mix everything over the hot water bath, to keep the chocolate melted all over. This is a bit tricky, since you have to work quickly and your kids cannot help you. Using boiling water next to the kids is not a good idea – so don´t do it. The rest is easy peasy.

1. Mix 150 gr sugar, 50 gr flour and 1/4 tea spoon of baking soda in a cup. Add to a warm metal dish and whip gently 3 big fresh eggs, until foamy.
2. At the same time melt 100 gr of chocolate with 100 gr of butter and 1 big spoon of cocoa over the other hot water bath.
3. Add liquid chocolate mass to the eggs and flour mix.

You have to work quickly and in parallel, not to cook up the egg mixture, since the cake will get that scrambled eggs taste if you do!

chocolate cake kid´s birthday

Preheat the oven at 180°C, fill the chocolate mass in the 20 cm Ø cake form and bake for max. 25min (my oven needs only 15-20min) so take care! I also experimented with baking at 175°C for 25 min and this worked great, since the chocolate stayed liquid in the middle. Yaaammmiiii.

chocolate cake 20 min

4. Leave the cake to rest for 10 min, then make chocolate glazing wit 125 gr of chocolate, 2 big spoons of milk and 30 gr of butter (just boil these things over the water bath and mix thoroughly, that´s all)
5. Spread the glazing over the cake and leave cold until the guests / kids arrive.

I used Lindt chocolate so the whole cake got some very soft, very wavy appeal. If you prefer it harder, you can use bitter chocolate. And for the moderate ones, I suggest Milka or Nestlé. I actually believe it is going to work the best with Nestlé chocolate, though I haven´t tasted it yet.

Now, the celebration can begin!

Kid´s chocolate cake


birthday chocolate cake kids


birthday cake for kids


bithday decoration

happy birthday cake