Some brunch it hot – SERBINALE brunch it hotter!


First days of Berlin hotness saw us opening up the festivities of summer. SERBINALE gathered family and friends and dived into the wellness of Serbian cuisine. Ajvar, pita and proja ran through our stomachs and memories, watered with lots of babble and bubbly. The neighbour popped up: “I don’t speak Serbo, Serbo, how was it …. ah, ja, Serbo-Croatian” said she, in a lisping German accent “but I suppose you have some Rakija!”.

For those of you hungry for a different bite of Balkan´s culture, feel invited to join the discussion with Boris Buden and Filip Balunović covering the burning topics of the past and present (post)Yugoslav context, organised by Humboldt University and SERBINALE:

From postsocialism in socialism to the limits of post-political freedom in postsocialism

Tuesday, 21st April, from 18:00-21:00,

Humboldt Universität – August-Boeckh-Haus

Dorotheenstraße 65, 10117 Berlin

5th floor, room 557

Speakers, Boris Buden (respondent), Natalija Miletić (moderator) and Djordje Tomić (respondent) will discuss with the authors Gal Kirn and Filip Balunović

boris buden

Boris Buden explains the changing relationship to parenthood throughout the Balkan history.

filip balunovic

Filip Balunović, a young political scientist from Belgrade, writes regularly on the political and market absurdity of transition in the post-Yugoslav states. On Tuesday, he will be presenting his new book Notebooks from freedom (Serbian, 2015).