When I met my b-friend he had this cute family silver butter dish that he was serving our morning butter in, and I thought “Wow, what a cutie”. The dish, I mean ;-). As our relationship continued to grow, our butter dish got more patina and it eventually turned grey. I was desperate! I like looking for analogies in every day things, so I thought “Oh, my goodness, the time is passing by and we are getting worn out, just like our butter dish!”

Then, out of a sudden, there was this super easy, simple, quick and cheap tip from the “power frauen” part of my bavarian family!  I was so delighted, that I needed to share it with you, dears, so here you go: Here is how to clean your family silver (or the flee market finds!) and get that dusty patina out of your life FOREVER! The cuties may stay.

silver cleaning-1-2
You´ll need:
– a piece of aluminium foil,
– a spoon of salt
– boiling water
– table cloth

Put your silver, alu foil and salt in the sink or a huge metal bowl. Pure hot boiling water over it.
silver cleaning-1-3

silver cleaning-1-4Rag your silver against the foil. Turn all sides. If still not bright and shiny – repeat! Or add a pint of baking soda….
silver cleaning-1-5

Polish with a table cloth. silver cleaning-1-6Et voila!

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