It is not always easy being a mom, even more so if living without one. My mom lost her battle with cancer in 2004, but her love was so mature and overwhelming and her confidence in me so stable and composed, carrying me over to live my dreams and achieve wonders long time after she was gone. I travelled the world, suffered bad relationships and made zillions of wrong choices.I was mobbed and disrespected in a country that lives on importing the “mangelnde Fachkräfte” or skilled specialists like me. But every time people were putting me down and every time it was tough, rough and no one around, the power of her love was watching over me.

Very often I refer to it, thinking about three wishes I would like to have fulfilled in life:

1. to die before my children
2. to give them the confidence I have
3. to create the warmest place in the universe they will always refer to – wherever they were.

Hearing those three street sparrows from Cologne I wonder if I was ever aware of it at the beginning of my twenties. Die Kölner Strassen-Spatzen werden erwachsen und zwar GROßARTIG.