top down raglan knitting pattern


top down raglan knitting pattern

I discovered the whole craze of knitting top down, in the round, no seams etc. and I completely freaked out of happiness. You just knit a sweater in one peace, no sewing afterwards. YAY!

Here is my first top down raglan sweater knitting pattern. Enjoy!

You´ll need:

  • ITO Sensai yarn in colours of your choice, 2 balls each, double-thread.
  • Wooden pearls if you want to thread in, like this from Rico Design, or any other pearls.
  • 6mm round knitting needles
  • 4.5 mm needle set
  • 2 stitch holders
  • 4 stitch markers
  • threading needle

Gauge (10x10cm): 19 x 24 stitches

Dimensions. Size: 36 – 42, fits all sizes. Made for the size 40, loose fit.

Neckline: 50 cm (loose fit)
Raglan Line: 20 cm

Chests: 100 cm (40′)

Body Length: 55 cm
Sleeve Length: 60 cm
Wrist: 18 cm


Neck: Cast on 95 st with smaller needles. Divide with stitch markers: 31 st for the back, 8 st for the sleeves, 48 st for the fron, 8 st for the second sleeve

Raglan Line: add 8 st (one on both sides of every marker ) every second row.

Knit until increasing to 190 st over 48 rows.

Leave the sleeve stitches on the stitch holders, continue with knitting the body in round for 55 cm. Last 5 cm or ca 10 rows: decrease every 10th stitch for 3 rows, change to 4,5mm needles, knit fro the last 7 rows, bind off.

Pick up the sleeve stitches and close the round with extra 8 stitches under the armpit. Knit in round for 60 cm. Last 5 cm or ca. 10 rows: decrease every 6th stitch for 3 rows, change to smaller needles, knit for 7 rows.

Repeat for the second sleeve.

Calculate at least a week for this project, or 3-4 days for a quick, experienced knitter.

Happy creation!